Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Trail Runners Prayer

Hi all,

Completed Hell Down South today in a not shoddy time of 2:10:56 - very pleased with that as we think the course was longer and much much harder than last year. Edit - just checked the course was the same distance as last years (10 miles) so I shaved 10 minutes off my time, it was definitely much harder a course though!

Also I managed to run fore-foot striking for all the event, with loads left in the tank towards the end as well.

However that is not the point of this post - will leave Nick to write a race commentary.

During the run I thought of something and I would like to share, there are probably many of these floating around but it amused me.

The Trail Runners Prayer

Our Mother who art in nature,
hallowed be thy name.
To your kingdom we come,
your trails we run,
regardless of the weather.
Give us this day our daily run.
Forgive us for our walking,
as we forgive those may walk in front of us.
Lead us not to the temptation,
of fads, gimmicks, diets and gyms.
For the outdoors,
with its power and glory are waiting.
To run now and forever.
So we lace up.
We lace up.

Something silly but hope you like it.

Until later, we lace up!


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  1. Love it! I wish I had a trail run in me, but I live in constant terror of rolling an ankle if I even so much as walk on an uneven sidewalk!