Thursday, 23 January 2014

We've come a long, long way together...

Through the hard times and the good. I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should...

My current lay up reminds me of the opening lines from the song Praise You by Fatboy Slim. How? Well its quite simple really. What the hell did I do before I ran?

Let me back up a little bit first.

So I have been running regularly for maybe 8 months or so, probably a little less to be honest. Before that I ran semi-regularly ish, not at any great pace or distance and mainly just to stave off stress and annoyance. The most regularly activity I did, sporting wise, before running was 5-a-side football on a Friday night with other teachers. However lately I am choosing running over football more regularly (strange eh?).

Like most regular runners I am committed rather than obsessed. However having been unable to run, or indeed train at all for a week and counting now I am wondering to myself, how did I manage to get by on such little exercise before?

I know there is definitely a psychological aspect to this as well as the fact I am unable to do my hobby at the moment but it is driving me mental being laid up like this. Seriously.

So what has this to do with the song? Well for one it highlights how far my enjoyment of running has come in that now rather than merely running and a coping mechanism for life, I am actively missing not being able to run. It also - I feel - shows that my mind and body as so used to running now that not doing it is a real shock to the system.

Plus it shows how much viruses suck. I mean they aren't even alive in the conventional sense of the word. Wish they would just piss off out of my body.

I walked up and down a flight of stairs today - not because I'm mental just for a meeting - and what out of breath at the end. Out of breath! That's not cool. I had to raise my voice to a class - I am back at work now - and needed 5 minutes afterwards in order to fully recover - an exaggeration but you get the idea. As someone who normally is ill and better in a few days, or just has a nagging sore throat this is pretty pathetic on my behalf. I also don't tend to stop for injuries, mostly just modifying my training to suit. This time though I have been completely laid low. Which is, for me with lots of hyperbole, horrendous (I know there are much worse things that could have happened).

Needless to say this has shoved the 'I will run an ultra this year' training back a bit. Having said that I am aiming to enter some events this weekend so maybe I wont need to put it back too much?

That's enter the events not run the events! I think I will try a run on Saturday/Sunday depending how I feel and then go from there. Lots of ifs and buts though.

Right now I have that off my chest (it's probably just rubbish though) I am off to take more ibuprofen and go to bed.



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